Katy Kloosterman

Katy’s Story:

With over 30 years of experience as a second-generation member in family businesses, I bring a unique and comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities that arise within such settings. A lifelong learner, I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Business from Calvin College, and later, in 2022, a Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Care – Soul Care from Western Theological Seminary. Throughout my career, I have held various roles in our family held entities. Currently, I serve as the Executive Vice President of GVD Industries, focusing on corporate culture and employee development within our family holdings.

In 2014, I became a Gallup-certified Clifton Strengths Coach, and later, a certified Enneagram coach, demonstrating my commitment to personal and professional growth. Using these qualifications, I founded Kloosterman Consulting in 2018, a platform that allows me to extend my coaching and leadership development services to a wider audience.

My top strengths, which include Positivity, Connectedness, Responsibility, WOO, and Input, enable me to build trust-based relationships, and connect people and resources for the greater good. I apply these strengths, my coaching expertise, and my deep understanding of pastoral care to help individuals and corporations identify and apply their own strengths at work and in their personal lives.

After completing the Soul Care certification program at the Soul Care Institute in 2017 and earning my Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Care – Soul Care from Western Theological Seminary in 2022, I became equipped to better encourage and develop others as they learn to discern the voice of their own heart. My spiritual formation, faith, and coaching certifications, combined with my strengths and experience, enable me to guide executives, teams, individuals, and students on their journey of personal development and growth.

As a coach, consultant, and pastoral care expert, my goal is to encourage, develop, and equip others, as well as myself, to reach our full potential. I am committed to walking alongside people on their development journey, helping them identify possibilities and create plans to turn them into realities. With my deep familiarity with generational transitions and expertise in navigating complex interpersonal relationships, I am uniquely positioned to empathize with and guide others through their own journeys within family businesses.

Melinda Carlson

Melinda’s Story

Melinda is a seasoned educator, accomplished minister, and inspiring mentor with a steadfast dedication to helping individuals discover their unique strengths and the transformative power of their personal stories.

Melinda’s educational journey began with a bachelor’s degree in music education, with a Vocal Concentration. She devoted many years to teaching High School and offering her summers to ministry, which ultimately led to a full-time role at a church in Vail, Colorado. Here, Melinda donned various hats, including Worship, Young Adult and Resort Minister, before ascending to the role of Discipleship and Worship Pastor.

After over two decades in vocational ministry, Melinda returned to her educational roots. She currently holds multiple roles at Vail Christian High School, serving as the Fine Arts Chair, Director of Christian Life, Theology Chair, as well as leading the Theater and Chorale Ensemble. In addition to these roles, Melinda also works for Vail Performing Arts Academy and operates her own Voice Studio. Across her career, Melinda has consistently emphasized the importance of guiding individuals to discover their unique potential and understand how their personal journeys can positively impact both themselves and others.

Melinda is a lifelong learner, having attended Storyline Conferences with Donald Miller, Potters Inn Soul Care Workshops, and various Discipleship and Leadership conferences. She completed her Soul Care certification from the Soul Care Institute in 2021. This program has reinforced her belief in the importance of genuine self-reflection and connection with Christ.

Melinda firmly believes that every individual is loved fiercely by God and is an image bearer of Him. She encourages people to walk confidently, knowing their lives have purpose and meaning. She aims to empower others with thoughtful questions, offer a listening ear over a hot cup of coffee, and inspire them to write their own remarkable stories. Melinda’s ultimate goal is to facilitate individuals’ journeys towards understanding their souls and recognizing God’s active role in their lives.