“Katy’s training in strengths and soul care is the perfect combination to help clients discover their talents and follow their hearts.”
Ilse K. Saewert, J.D., CDFA®, WMS, Vice President, Investments, Raymond James

“Katy has the ability to really see me. She is easy to talk to, listens intently and laughs frequently! Her intuition and wise questions have led me to my own introspection. She has been able to see my strengths, hear my dreams, and help me move forward with ideas and strategies to fulfill deep desires.”
Melinda Carlson, Speaker and Teacher

“Katy is a friend and a trusted coach. With training in both the practices of spiritual formation and in Strengthsfinders, she provides insight that goes beyond the results of a test to real applications to one’s personal, spiritual, and vocational journey. She is a wise and winsome soul whose coaching will really change your life.”
Chuck Degroat, PH.D.
, Professor of Pastoral Care and Christian Spirituality
; Senior Fellow, Newbigin House of Studies
; Licensed Professional Counselor, MI.

“To be an effective strength coach and a soul care provider, (a wonderful combination to offer to others, by the way) you need a depth of relational experience as well as a foundation of excellent training.  Katy uniquely has both.  Her business experience and acumen coupled with her completion of the Soul Care Institute provides her with great depth that she will be able to offer to her clients.  I can’t imagine coming away from a time with Katy not being pointed in the direction of health and transformation!”
Joe Walters, Potter’s Inn; Executive Director of the Soul Care Institute: www.soulcareinstitute.com