Soul Care: What is it?

Life is busy and often everyday demands keep us from paying attention to our inner life. Because it is not readily visible we can under value the importance of our interior world. What we fail to understand is that the state of our soul influences everything that matters to us. It is the core of who you are. Soul care allows us to live from a place of abundance. Soul care is not about one more to-do but taking the time to rest and grow in God’s love. By pausing, seeking God’s presence, being open to his leading it becomes clear what God has in store for us through this life. Ultimately, in caring for our own soul we can encourage and give more fully to others.

So Why Is Understanding and Feeding Your Soul So Important?

Dallas Willard says it this way –

“The Soul encompasses and organizes the whole person, interrelating all the other dimensions of the self so that they form one person functioning in a flow of life. It’s like the computer that runs a business in the background.”

As a graduate of The Soul Care Institute & Fuller Seminary Lifelong Learning Center, Katy will use her unique talents to carefully guide you, your group or organization through a series of individual meetings, workshops or retreats to achieve your specific goals.

We are each at a different place in our spiritual journey, therefore a one size fits all approach rarely works. At Kloosterman Consulting we customize the right approach to meet your specific needs and goals.

Soul Care can be done at the individual level or in a retreat setting with a group.